• Highlights for Children: The Poppy Lady

    During World War One, thousands of American soldiers lost their lives in battle and would never return home from overseas. Moina Belle Michael, a Georgia schoolteacher, was especially sad because many of her students were among those missing. Moina wanted a symbol to remind people of their sacrifice and courage.

  • The Poppy Lady

    Moina Belle Michael and Her Tribute to Veterans

    When American soldiers entered World War I, Moina Belle Michael, a schoolteacher from Georgia, knew she had to act. Some of the soldiers were her students and friends. Almost single handedly, Moina worked to establish the red poppy as the symbol to honor and remember soldiers. And she devoted the rest of her life to making sure the symbol would last forever. Thanks to her hard work, that symbol remains strong today.

  • Guest Blogger for the Association for Library Service to Children

    To celebrate Women's History Month, I was invited to be a guest blogger for the ALSC and share Moina Belle Michael's story with their readers. Please click the link below to view the blog post.

  • The Poppy Lady - Book Trailer

    Special thanks to my amazing illustrator, Layne Johnson, for creating this beautiful trailer for our book, The Poppy Lady. I hope you enjoy watching it.

  • Highlights for Children: Red Crab Invasion

    As my three sons were growing up they loved watching National Geographic documentaries. Their all time favorite was the annual migration of the red crabs of Christmas Island. Fascinated, the boys followed the dangerous journey of the crabs. Down mountains, across roads, into homes, even invading the school. The boys thought the crusty critters were “really cool” and wished we had them in New Jersey. I wondered what it would be like to share space with millions of clattering crabs.

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I was inspired to write for children after uncovering a box of stories and poems I’d made up long ago. You may have read one of my stories in Highlights for Children or Cricket Magazine, and I thank you for that. Now I invite you to read my very first picture book beautifully illustrated by award-winning artist Layne Johnson entitled “The Poppy Lady.” I loved Layne’s paintings so much that I asked to use a few of his landscapes as background images for my web site.

It was my pleasure to write about someone so special. I hope you enjoy reading Moina's story.

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